Utility Systems is a versatile tool, day-to-day tool, perfect for Home Office, designed to ensure greater interaction between your business and the end user. Utility solutions aim to deliver real-time information, mobility, increased productivity and efficient service.

Utility has 22 years of experience in developing of Web/Mobile Applications, with multiplatform technology, for Business Management, Production Management and Service Management, focusing in Digital Graphics.

Why Utility?

100% Web / Mobile



Cost reduction


All versions are operated through PCs, Tablets and Smartphones.

Utility Systems

Business Management
Production Management
Service Management
Self Service (B2B)

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An Application...

Compliant with ISO 9001 and FSC, Responsive, Multiplatform, Optimized, Compact, Multilingual, Mobile Developed, No Limit Users, Automatic Post-Calculation, To-Do Checker, Calculate prices per RKW and Pricing, Coil calculation in M, CM, M2 and CM2, low cost and shorter deployment time

Several possibilities...

Multiple points of sale, Can be installed on client server or cloud, Email marketing campaign generator, Automated Forms, LCD screen, Two screen options (normal and inverted), Whiteboard color-coded programming with touth screen operation.


Point of Sale, Budget, Issuance of Order of Service, Contact Agenda, Registration of customers and suppliers.


Programming board, Internal Control, External Control, Inventory, Purchasing, File Management and PCP.


Protocols for the collection and delivery of test, services, materials and counter delivery control.


Information Management (MIS), Marketing, Satisfaction, Dashboards, and System Settings.

Self service

Customers will be able ANYTIME from anywhere to request quotes, approve budgets, track work progress, purchase services / products, upload files, view tests and track order billing. All in real time.

Satisfaction survey

Customers will be able to answer questions directly at the counter via a tablet or by email. Color-coded result dashboard, comments separated by reviews, suggestions and compliments, daily and monthly charts.